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Without entering into too many details.  


We have an asset who is conducting searches for lost Syrian Family members.  We undertsand the situation you are in and we can help you by visiting your town in Syria, perform a thorough search for your family members in Refugee centers, Refugee Camps , United Nations Refugee listings as well as hospitals, police departments, arymy detention centers and at last the morgues.


For security reasons we cannot tell you the process taken for the searches, but we can guarantee you with videos or pictures and a detailed report of all the steps taken to look for your  loved one.


The process is not cheap, as the Investigator has 4 security members with him and has to get clearances from many different armed groups in the area.



There is an amount you need to pay to start the search and an amount at the completion of the search


We are not giving you false hopes, nor we are promising you anything. What we do promise is that we would do our best to find your loved one. We would follow any lead and we will talk to people and call anyone who can lead us to the location of your family member.


Contact us, lets talk about your case and lets see how we can help you find your family members



  • 1 Daraa Governorate

    • 1.1 Daraa District

    • 1.2 Izra' District

    • 1.3 Al-Sanayamayn District

  • 2 Homs Governorate

    • 2.1 Homs District

    • 2.2 Talkalakh District

    • 2.3 Palmyra District

    • 2.4 al-Rastan District

    • 2.5 al-Qusayr District

  • 3 Latakia Governorate

    • 3.1 Latakia District

    • 3.2 Jableh District

    • 3.3 Al-Haffah District

    • 3.4 Qardaha District

  • 4 Rif Dimashq Governorate

    • 4.1 Markaz Rif Dimashq

    • 4.2 Duma District

    • 4.3 Al-Qutayfah District

    • 4.4 Al-Tall District

    • 4.5 Yabrud District

    • 4.6 Al-Nabk District

    • 4.7 Zabadani District

    • 4.8 Qatana District

    • 4.9 Darayya District

  • 5 Tartus Governorate

    • 5.1 Tartus District

    • 5.2 Baniyas District

    • 5.3 Safita District

    • 5.4 Duraykish District

    • 5.5 Ash-Shaykh Badr District

  • 6 Quneitra Governorate

    • 6.1 Quneitra District

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