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 Latin American Anti-Counterfeiting  Unit


counterfeiting is a growing concern that affects consumers worldwide on a daily basis. It is a social, economic and safety issue, and no one is immune to counterfeit products.


We are hereby, anouncing the joint creation of a  Latin American Anti-Counterfeiting  Unit.  With  the main goal of providing the necessary evidence and tools  in order for the local police departments to prosecute the crime without the necesity of investing their time or resources.


At the current moment some of the Private Investigators involved  in this task force are from :


El Salvador    Honduras       Guatemala     Nicaragua      Costa Rica     Panamá


Colombia        Brasil              Paraguay        Argentina


With headquarters in El Salvador and Paraguay  LAACU is effectively working  undercover to gather intel  and then call for a Business Meeting in 90 days with Regional and International Investigative units as well as brand owners.


The paramount goal for LAACU is to eliminate counterfeited products in Latin America , however, in a realistic world all of us know that  we can only minimize it  to its lower expresion.  Therefore, our first step now is :


We will beging catalogazing the market, we will create a picture catalog of every  suspicious product being sold in our markets and then give acces to such catalogs to the people involved or related to this field.


This is a very expensive project and we could not  do it without the current contracts and agreements with various interested entities.  If you or the company you work for is interested in using our services please do not hesitate on contacting us.



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