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Analysis of a NIGERIAN 419 SCAM

Central American Investigations Group, March 10, 2013

419 Nigerian Scams are named 419 under the law article that prosecutes the crimes that involve taking people's money by deceiving them using the internet as a medium in NIGERIA, however, the crimes prosecuted under that article are very few as people do not fight back the correct way. 
There are many types of scams under the 419 SCAMS.

Advanced Fee Scam 
This specific scam is related to the rest of scams beause it requires that you pay or send money to a third party in order to receive something. the following is a sample of a Advance fee scam

Sir this is to inform you that your tranfer payments of $15,000,000.00 
(Fifteen Million Dollars)has been tranfer for final crediting througth U.B.A 
bank african, so you are advise to reconfirm your banking details to avoid 
erro in tranfering 
(1)Full Names 
(2)Private Telephone Number. 
(3) Occupation: 
(4)Age and Sex: 
(5)Account Name 
(6)Account Number 
(7)Your bank name and address 
Mr.Koshi Maee 
(manager U.B.A BANK AFRICAN)

What would happen next is that I would send my information and then they will say 
1 that the bank requires me to pay TAX FEE, $3,500

2 Once I pay that they would say that the International Monetary Fund has put a stop on my transaction because I dont have a ANTI MONEY LAUNDERING CERTIFICATE $1,500 
3 Once I pay that they will say that they sent the money but that the FBI ANTI TERRORIST UNIT has issued a hold because I did not have a ANTI TERRORISM SUPPORT CERTIFICATE. $1,500 
4 Once they see that I am pissed off because I have not received my millions, they have someone from Fedex Call me to tell me that because they could not send me the funds by bank wire, that the FBI authorized it to be send via FEDEX, and I then receive the next email 

the email title ORDER TRACKING 
Tracking ID: 5420-15634063
Date: Monday, 25 February 2013, 10:22 AM 

Dear Client, 
Your parcel has arrived at March 4.Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you at 4 March 06:33 PM. 
To receive your parcel, please, print this receipt and go to the nearest office. 

Print Receipt 
Best Regards, The FedEx Team.

5 once I click on Print, they will install a software that will lock my computer and the scammers will have everything I have on my pc, and every time I try to log in it will tell me that I need a password to reset the password.

6 I will then receive a call from the scammers passing as the FBI who is calling me to notify me that they have locked my computer for security reasons and that I need to pick up the password from fedex, and to call the number they are giving me., I call the number that looks like the FEDEX number and thee guy tells me that I need to send $2.500 to an X name to the fedex office in Nigeria because they send the package through them.

7 I sent the funds and I never hear from the scammers again and at the end I am out of $9,000 usd and a sore pride.

My friends, this scammers are well prepared and they are many scammers working a case.

If you hear a story that is too good to be true than it is not true, within the next few post I will describe other 419 scams , share them with your friends and family and let them know that surfing the web can be dangerous if you are not fully protected wit a good fire wall, anti virus and anti spyware protection, but THE MOST IMPORTANT IS YOUR COMMON SENSE.!!!

Rodolfo Benitez 
International Private Investigator 

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