Central American investigations Group






 We have opperated there for 15 years and have access to every  Government agency, and have some of the most trustworthy elements there.



Our investigators passed our strict (NO PAST ISSUES TEST)   which means, that we do not want corrupt police officers working with us or for us.  We only want  well educated , sharp and trust worthy individuals whom we can trust with our client's information and needs...


We provide you with accurate and up todate information, you have no  issues and no hassles.  We promise that we would do the best to pursue any case with your best interest in mind.



In our line of work we dont simply give work to any one,: THEY HAVE TO PROVE THEY ARE TRUSTWORTHY.



Our investigators submit a criminal background check and a copy fo their Passport and Identification for our records.



You can be sure, that if we provide you with information, that information has been double checked by us by other means. We do not just get information from the web.  We go to the source .



Try us, you will not regret it.



 Central American investigations provides specialized investigations fugitive recovery  and many other specialty services which you or your client might need .  

 We are committed to provide an efficient, prompt and flexible service that meets the needs of our corporate, government and private clients alike.  Our client groups belong to some of the major industries including but not limited to Government agencies, insurance companies, law firms, major banks and private citizens.



Our first focus is to identify the best possible lawful options for you and or you business, regardless as to which form you commission to deliver these services to you.


We are a professional and ethical organization, committed to deliver services above reproach.  In accordance with the crucial standards of the industry and expectations of the marketplace  


Our firm is continuously Moving forward and keeping at the edge of the latest technology, security developments and market shifts  which allows us to not just be one of the  many investigators in the field, but THE BEST  within the Latin American Market

Our investigative allies come from the hard lines of the FBI, DEA, CIA,DIA and many local and highly classified investigative Units.



Private Investigators in El Salvador,Private Investigators in Honduras
Private Investigators in Nicaragua,Private Investigators in Guatemala
Private Investigators in Costa Rica,Private Investigators in Panama
Private Investigators in Cuba,Private Investigators in Belize
Private Investigators in Central America, South America, North America













Need Proof? Hire the most professional Belize Private Investigators and Belize Investigators . We can help clients with Belize Detective Services such as Belize Cheating Investigation Belize Matrimonial Investigation Belize fidelity investigation Belize spouse surveillance Belize claim investigations, locate persons missing, and record searches and more.


Our Belize Private Investigators and South Belize Investigators have extensive training in civil, criminal, insurance fraud and marital infidelity investigations. Our Belize Dade Investigation Agency is entrusted as one of the most low profile licensed private investigation company in Belize.


Our Belize Investigators can gather all investigative information, background records search, video surveillance services, due diligence or photography evidence. All data gathered on your domestic, civil, insurance, infidelity or corporate case will be investigated in a discreet way.




Our Belize Private Detective Agency assists with many types of Belize Private Investigations including spousal surveillance, investigate cheating spouses, marital infidelity, civil investigations, fidelity, employee background checks, personal injury investigation, insurance fraud investigations, GPS Vehicle Tracking and more.


We have experienced Belize Private Detectives. Our Belize Detective Agency has licensed Belize Private Investigators that assists private citizens, spouses, family lawyers, insurance defense attorneys, personal injury attorneys Belize workers compensation lawyers, insurance companies, corporations and other Belize Private Investigation Agencies .


Belize Private Investigators from our Belize-Dade Detective Agency are experts in : Belize Cheating Spouse Surveillance Investigations, bug detection, tscm, Belize workers compensation investigation, personal injury, home debugging, electronic counter measures, Belize Cheating Spouse Investigation, domestic investigation, infidelity surveillance and other South Belize Investigations.


Find out the truth. We have Belize Private Investigators Belize Infidelity Investigators Belize Detectives and video surveillance detectives that can investigate a spouse to detect adultery in the marriage. Hire a Belize Private Investigator or spousal surveillance investigators now. Let our Belize Private Detective Agency investigate marital affairs with Belize Infidelity Surveillance or Belize Matrimonial Investigation. Our Belize Private Investigation Agency has licensed detectives that will deliver the truth. Our Belize Cheating Spouse Investigation Services are affordable. All evidence gathering and investigative services are confidential.




A Belize Adultery Investigator will provide free information. …hire our Belize Investigators today. Our Belize Investigators and consultants can get you the truth you expect efficiently.


Belize Investigation Services


Call Our Belize spy shop. We sell surveillance and counter surveillance products that detect electronic espionage, phone taps, and eaves dropping equipment, GPS vehicle tracker Belize spy equipment and other bug tapping or hidden microphones.


Belize Private Investigations and Belize Detectives also inspect vehicles for real Time GPS Vehicle Trackers or Passive GPS Vehicle Trackers, data loggers, hidden mics, hidden cameras, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, TSCM Electronic De-Bugging Service and other debugging services Belize.


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